Format Factory [ 3.9.5.X ] A Multifunctional Media Converter Tool


     Format Factory is a free program that can convert any audio, video or image to a variety of formats. You can convert a single file or an entire folder with one click. Free download of Format Factory and convert all files to any device that requires special formats. Watch movies and TV shows on your iPod, iPad or even PlayStation Portable thanks to this useful program. Download Format Factory and forget the annoying message "unsupported format".

     Key Features and Benefits:
     + It allows you to convert audio, video and images;
     + You can download a DVD to PC using Format Factory;
     + You can recover the corrupted files;
     + Translated into over 60 languages;
     + Download Format Factory free!

     Format Factory is not just a mediocre converter. Using this wonderful program, you can edit your photos while they are converting, add logos, watermarks and more. You can also use it to transfer your old DVD on your PC and repair damaged files. Simply download Format Factory, adjust the settings and enjoy your media in any format! It's free, multifunctional and easy to use, the characteristics that make Format Factory one of the best media converters today.

     Format Factory is a product developed by Format Factory . This site is not associated with Format Factory directly. All the brands, trademarks, logos, product and company names herein are the property of their respective owners. Our download manager distributes the original software that was obtained directly from the author site Format Factory . We distribute all programs without making any changes.

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